Why are Republicans paying an advertising company to create Occupy slurs?

Posted on December 12th, 2011 by admin1 in Political Advertising Agencies

It seems like they should be able to express political objections if they have them – they are politicians. Even the agency says they have no real basis for complaint.


They are scared of Occupy Wall Street.

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  1. Dark Night

    Inconvenient facts are not slurs.

    But, even if you’re right, I guess you can’t eat what you dished out the TEA Party. Open wide!References :

  2. dominique m

    OWS Oligarch Worshippers are ScaredReferences :

  3. Lisa

    lol you cant undermine ows… they do that themselcvesReferences :

  4. u_bin_called

    It’s the Media Age…..or did you not notice all the OWS sites look like a commercial for iPhones, iPods and Urban Outfitters?

    ….and I notice you needed a link to a corporate-owned media site to make your "point…"References :

  5. Philip H

    If that is true, it is to counter the Propaganda and distortions created by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine operated by Leftists (the evening "news").References :

  6. Dave87gn

    I think we all know..the republicans are slaves to the 1%, we just say the supercommittee fail because the GOP wouldnt budget on MORE TAX CUTS FOR BILLIONAIRESReferences :

  7. stop the spending

    OWS has turned into nothing but a bunch of idiot loon American haters fueled by the left wing idiocy, media and Unions..liberalism is causing the destruction of the USAReferences :

  8. kathy_is_a_nurse

    So how are ad campaigns preventing OWS protesters from expressing their opinion? Nothing changes there… They still have their right to freedom of speech.

    That being said, the Republicans buying these ads ALSO have the right to express their (justifiable) disgust with the OWS protesters… That is ALSO freedom of speech.References :

  9. Christopher Jorden

    Oh, my dear, you’re such an innocent child.

    As if the derelicts on their very own don’t bring enough disgrace on themselves.

    You think I have to listen to ANYONE to find appropriate names for them?!…:-)References :

  10. Liberals Are Weak

    what the point of this question? to influence me to become Democrat? WHere were you when tea party people were victims of just of the same thing you HYPOCRITEReferences :

  11. Robert

    … while YOU are doing your duty for your socialist friends for free…References :

  12. itsamini1

    we really need to outlaw lobbyistsReferences :

  13. Crasht

    They are scared of Occupy Wall Street.References :

  14. JUST DO IT!!

    lack of sanitation
    usurping cities’ funds for food/clean-upReferences :

  15. Ambiguous Threat Distractions

    I think it’s because conservatives are a secretive cowardly group that only wants to identify with objectionable rhetoric if it happens to be popular at any given political moment in time.

    Essential windsock politicians, they always tend to go whichever way the political winds are blowing, they have no real ethical convictions, they just want to win support/win elections, conservatives could care less about effective political leadership or effective governing.

    I think it really scares the regressive status quo that the only pejorative conservatives have settled upon, is a blanket assertion that OWS is best represented to their delusional base as a bunch of dirty hippies who need to find, (nonexistent) jobs.

    Since a good percentage of OWS are people saddled with education loans they can never be capable of repaying given that the "job creators" have refused to create jobs for over a decade even with tax rates at historically low rates.

    Apparently, the "job creators" or Job suppressors are waiting for multitudes of gullible people to change their minds and give corporate America a regulation free capitalistic enterprise zone so corporate greed can maximize profits and pay little to no money for production labor.

    On top of all of that insanity, conservatives wonder why people require government necessity programs when their corporate buddies refuse to pay a living wage to production labor.

    Then, corporate apologists cry foul if we complain that a vast majority of corporate profits go primarily to bloated CEO/upper management salaries and whatever is left over goes to shareholders, then a pittance to the very production labor that makes insane profits possible.References : Observation

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