What Is Political Advertising?

Posted on September 12th, 2011 by admin1 in Political Advertising

Political advertising encompasses all forms of advertising pertaining to building support for any and all political campaigns including candidates running for office, ballot measures, political activism, etc.

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They come in many forms. The most common form of political advertising that most people are familiar with is television advertising. However with the advent of the World Wide Web, no political campaign will be complete without putting the power of social media, political email advertising and the search engine marketing to work for you.

The Internet, due to its electronic nature and wide-spread use, is a relatively inexpensive and highly effective way to disseminate information. A properly prepared piece posted to the social networks, for instance, can go viral in a matter of minutes bringing hundreds, thousands and perhaps even tens of thousands of people to your site and ultimately to your message.

Political email advertising can achieve essentially the same thing. Using legal and ethical methods many thousands of people can be reached with what amounts to a click of the mouse button.

With search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) in particular, you can dominate the top-10 results for the things that your target audience is typing into Google and other search engines over your rivals.

We can help you with all that and so much more. We are an experienced political marketing firm specializing in political advertising on the Internet.

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