Please help with my critical thinking questions?

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1) For each of the passages below, determine if the passage expresses an argument. If a passage expresses an argument then underline the conclusion and put (parentheses around the premises). Indicate whether the argument is deductive or inductive and give a reason for your answer (e.g., "probably" occurred in the conclusion or the argument has the form of a categorical syllogism). If a passage does not express an argument then state "no argument.".

1.1) Certainly, the Federal Government should eliminate affirmative action since this country is founded on a principle of equal treatment and affirmative action violates equal treatment.

1.2) Do CEOs believe it is important that all business graduates they hire have some education in the international aspects of business? To find out, we surveyed the CEOs of Forbes’s "100 Largest Multinational Firms" and Fortune’s "America’s 50 Biggest Exporters." We found that: (1) Seventy-nine percent believed that all business majors should take an introduction to international business course. (2) About 70 percent felt that business graduates’ expertise in foreign languages, international aspects of functional areas (e.g., marketing, finance), and business, human, or political relations outside the United States is an important consideration when making hiring decisions. (3) A majority of the respondents believed that a number of courses in the international business curriculum (e.g., international marketing, international finance, export-import, international management) are relevant to their companies. It appears from the study that the CEOs of the major American firms doing business overseas are convinced that the business graduates they hire should have some education in the international aspects of business.

1.3) Unlike others holocausts, the African holocaust has yet to be officially acknowledged as such. It has been referred to as many things such as "The Slavery Question," but never as a holocaust. However, there is no denying that a holocaust is exactly what it was. Official acknowledgment and redress for atrocities have been afforded other groups such as Japanese Americans, Native Americans, and Jews after the war with Germany. Similarly, therefore, official acknowledgment and redress for the African holocaust is due to African Americans.

1.4) If you procrastinate then you lose valuable time for working on your assignments. If you lose valuable time for working on your assignments then you will do poorly in the course. So, if you procrastinate then you will do poorly in the course.

1.5) Repeal of the drug-prohibition laws will probably not lead to tremendous increases in drug-abuse levels. The reasons for this come from our past experience with alcohol and tobacco abuse. We now know, for instance, that consumption taxes are an effective method of limiting consumption rates. We also know that restrictions and bans on advertising, as well as a campaign of negative advertising, can make a difference. There is even some evidence that government-sponsored education programs about the dangers of cigarette smoking have deterred many children from beginning to smoke.

1.6) If an exchange of goods is voluntary then it must meet three conditions: both buyer and seller understand what they are giving up, neither party is coerced into the exchange, and both buyer and seller are able to make rational decisions about costs and benefits.

1.7) Few of us have heard of Harriet Wilson, the first African-American woman novelist, or Mourning Dove, the first Native American woman to write both a novel and an autobiography. This is explained by the fact that few of their contemporaries were willing to buy their books and the books quickly went out of print.

1.8) Since the only duty of a business manager is to maximize the shareholder’s return on her investment, and maximizing the shareholder’s return on her investment can only be accomplished by maximizing profits, it definitely follows that the only duty of business managers is to maximize profits.

1.9) Leo Dolinski purchased a bottle of "Squirt," a soft drink, from a vending machine at a Sea and Ski plant, his place of employment. Dolinski opened the bottle and consumed part of its content. He immediately became ill. Upon examination, it was found that the bottle contained the decomposed body of a mouse, mouse hair, and mouse feces. Dolinski suffered physical and mental distress from consuming the decomposed mouse and now possesses an aversion to soft drinks. The Shoshone Coca-Cola Bottling Company manufactured and distributed the Squirt bottle. Dolinski has sued Shoshone using the doctrine of strict liability. The doctrine of strict liability holds that if a seller is engaged in the business of selling a product, the product reaches a consumer without substantial change in the condition in which it is sold, and the product is defective then the seller is liable for any physical harm ca

I think they would like to know what YOUR thinking is on these topics.

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