Grassroots Fundraising: An Innovative Path to Political Campaign Advertising

Posted on September 14th, 2011 by admin1 in Political Campaign Advertising

These days there is increasing scrutiny when it comes to one’s campaign financing. There have been an increasing number of special interest groups that are taking a bigger and bigger role in American politics. There have been instances where a political campaign suffered a backlash from the media and even the public, because they had received money from large special interests groups with unknown political goals.

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There is a real ethical dilemma when comes to taking larger amounts from a few bigger donors as opposed to taking many smaller donations from individuals. If a politician is running for public office, for instance, the fewer large donors may very well think that he or she owes them something. They may end up calling in a marker at some point. Should the politician refuse to cooperate, he or she may find that the donor has not only withdrawn their support, but is also siding with a rival candidate now. It is really hard to serve all your constituents when you owe big favors to a few.

The solution is quite simple: grassroots fundraising. Putting emphasis on the Internet with your political campaign advertising can help you create a solid base of individual supporters. The amount a single individual can donate may not be huge (they are typically less than $100). However, the goal here is to get enough of them.

With grassroots fundraising, you are also killing two birds with one stone. This is because your donors are also potential voters. In addition, if you manage to get someone’s support in this manner, they are also an asset to you when it comes to spreading the word. There is no better political campaign advertising than word of mouth.

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