Should TV Political Advertising be Outlawed?

Posted on October 12th, 2011 by admin1 in Political Campaign Advertising

I’m all for free speech, but when free speech is so expensive and really says nothing more then BUY-BUY-BUY your vote with very little substance, I believe it is time we put a stop to that.

Campaigns have become so expensive that only the wealthy elite can now participate.

We need to level the playing field — what better way then to start there?


What to replace it with?
and campaigning

TV advertising eats up the lions share of campaigning.


Careful what you wish for, what is a good thing now could turn out to be a bad thing later on. Nothing stays the same, everything changes.

My issue is non partisan — I think this insanely long election season and the fact that a national candidate must line his coffers for the next election the day they take office ends up being corrupt in the end — thus it does not become "We the People" but rather, "They the Big Business, screw the people."

One of the best things I did for myself (besides choosing to be debt free) is I trashed my TV.

I found something truly amazing, is I have a brain and can think for myself.

We are so accustomed to the idiot box that it is now a habit. Look at it this way, all you are doing to watching other peoples lives while you sit there like a bump on a log letting your life pass you by.

Get out and make your own life by turning off the tube.


I’m tired of seeing the Nobama coins too. And I’m tired of seeing his books and magazines advertised. Hitler had all that, and we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment.

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  1. Pat

    What would you replace it with?References :

  2. Mary Alice_1979

    No because 4yrs ago it was all Bush/Cheney ads and people weren’t complaining. Finally we democrats beat them in ads and I am looking forward to paying for it 4yrs from now.References :

  3. cattledog

    No.References :

  4. Bubuh

    May be so but its also a way for someone outside the politics to jump in and not be intimidated by really powerful politicians who may not be all that good. There’s no way to tell which is fair for everybody.

    What if theres really corrupt insider, politician, but no one can challenge him because of limits on funding needed to get the words out to people?

    Theres no guarantee that will some how make things more fair. Could be more unfair in certain situations.

    Lot of these things can be abused, but can be worse without them.References :

  5. Devildriver_667

    I’m tired of seeing the Nobama coins too. And I’m tired of seeing his books and magazines advertised. Hitler had all that, and we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment.References : Obamas face on everything is not only disgusting,But a sign to Liberty to step up.

    You are correct when it comes to the idiot box. I have smashed a few, both intentionally, and unintentionally.If all this BS keeps up, I may smash another.

  6. susisays

    Ler’s start by crushing the freaking *liberal* media and demand fair/balanced reporting only!!!!!!!!!!!!!References :

  7. Calob T

    Very true. 24-28 years of the Clinton’s and Bush’s. That should be illegal. Our system is seriously corrupted.References :

  8. Willy Do IT

    Americans watch the tube a lot

    and I mean a lot

    so this proganda gets into our homes 24/7

    Look at all the INFO commercials? Some sound like actual news
    bulletions and at the end they try to sell you somehting

    Like Paul Harvery and the News and then he wants you to sell Amway
    or some other company to *EDORSE*

    Yes, I am afraid this is the wave of the future and we are all the poorerReferences :


    It is kind of like keep it in the family now days when it comes to politics. That or you just better have the right connections. It is kind of pathetic how much Americans watch tv.References :

  10. Marsika

    HEY! I am with you. It should all be abolish except for the debates.References :

  11. ted_of_wildstallions

    I don’t think so, that would be playing into their fascist games.

    What we should do is eliminate by not paying attention to it and forming our own opinions, if we do that then they’ll eventually make smarter ads or quit all together — on their OWN.References :

  12. KOV

    The media has become a very liberal friend to Obama. Think about it how many promccain commercials see during the election? Me I saw only one and tons of Obama!References :

  13. kara

    I believe in free speech but I am also for anything that would do away with the negative campaigning. How about a little "truth in advertising" that we demand for commercial products?References :

  14. Interstellar

    there’s nothing wrong with the ads.. its the content of them.. it should be outlawed to say anything negative on the other candidate… and instead say clearly how they stand on every issue..

    to the guy above…I cant get enough of people doggin on the media… calling them the ‘liberal media’… if you would pay attention they crack down on dems too… the problem is there are more republicians that are corrupt and get caught..References :

  15. Susan

    The money spent on political advertising is a drop in a bucket compared to the money spent on influencing politicians. No. I do not think political advertising should be outlawed.References :

  16. subwlimnuflik

    Yeah you got to turn off the tube and actually get out in the world. But, Spreading some Ad Dollars around to the local television stations is probably they easiest way to get your message to you target audience because lets face it after they worked an 8 , 10 , or even 12 shift they are probably not coming to a rally. I have yet to do away with the old box but the Cowboys got knocked out of any chance for a play off berth. So I’m going back to online poker. I started out in free-roll tourneys with no money and am up to nearly $12,000 this year. I will be moving up in stakes so by this time next year I will either playing in the World Series Of Poker or back designing web sites. Sorry I got off track I seem to have forgotten the question.References : Oh yeah how do they do these election things in China?
    The best to you and yours in the New Year

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