Political Email Marketing

What is Political Email Marketing?

Let’s start with what it is NOT. It is not spam. Rather, it is a way to harness the power of email communication with potential voters. It is very cost effective since you can send out an email blast to a vast number of people with just a click of the button.

It is a great way to inform potential voters of your platform, news about your campaign, ask for volunteers and generate donations.

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How Does It Work?

We obtain mailing lists on your behalf and set up email campaigns to effectively communicate with people.

We have been the email marketing industry since its inception in the 1990’s. We have exceptionally deep and professional contacts and have done successful political mailings for many candidates and political causes.

Keeping your message professional and on point is just as important as getting the word out. If you have your own email lists we can show you how to improve their deliverability rates as well as keep you out of trouble. We also have a massive distribution capability if you are short on being able to select the best email list for your particular cause or campaign.

Call us now for a free consultation. We’ll tell you if we can help.

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We will even create content for your email communication if this is something you are interested in.

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